BBS Radio Show February 5, 2010

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The earth is fighting an alien enmeshment around it with the help of three other planet spirits. January 2010 to first week of February 2010.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Heart to mind drop performed; entities removed; loneliness and depression clearing; emotional, mental body clearings performed; 4 parrallel life times cleared; cordings to and from you cut; star of Bethlehem energy brought through.

Topics discussed:

When did the lightship come; light of the darkness; can you connect with source energy from your head; mind implants; New Age and mind energy; universal mind, human consciousness, engraining in DNA; the two types of consciousness; spirit consciousness; meditation; dumping of emotional energy now, earth spirit, aliens; how low the earth spirit got with life force energy October 4, 2009; alien enmeshing of the earth spirit; planet spirits assisting the earth spirit; alien races and planets; cordings, infections and pains; how you can ask your spirit to give you answers in forms you desire; selective hearing and implants.

Website discussed:

Emotional whole of life clearing.

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