BBS Radio Show February 6, 2010

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Water charging.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, mental body clearing; sample love relationship energy, earth styled innocence of love energy, creation lightship source energy; peace energy brought through; cordings to and from you released; octopus energy released - rib cage; physical entities released; heartache clearing for a particular person or animal; chakra allignment and openning performed; spirit repositioned in the body performed;

Creationlightship: not for the archives

Ron takes listeners of the live show to the lightship for healings.

Topics discussed:

Are the light beings we encounter yet to have their first incarnation; will they ever be able to return to the creation lightship; the penthouse of the creationlightship and the stars of light created by creation energy; Ron's Wednesday lightship show,water activation and the accompaniment of light beings throughout the following week; can a ring take away the energy in your palm chakra; when you are corded to someone, what can come across the cords; how the lightship can rid you of energies; could your spirit be positioned in you wrongly for a long time; TV shows and activations set off within you; the superbowl, background cheers, messages in the noise; shrink wrapping your auric field; commanding another's auric field into their body; what the earth spirit is releasing from it now; does the darkness emit a frequency of it's own creation; what the earth spirit is trying to do; can you save your body without saving your spirit; are you attracting people to bring their problems to you; is this an attack form for you; do religions and people practicing rituals affect the earth spirit.

Website discussed:

Cording release and relationships whole life clearings; auric field protection.

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