BBS Radio Show February 7, 2007

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Earth entities released; spirit brought back into the body; placed in and out of the body improperly and then properly; mind to heart drop performed; emotional body through the chakras cleared for 3 years back; image of Ja ne na energised.

Creationlightship: not for the archives

Tail bone up to top; pain release room; Mother Mary; water charging; working in the mouth for teeth, cavities, sinuses; oxygen chamber; orientation room; conscious energy coccoon placed around us.

Topics discussed:

Does the creationlightship hold the blue print for all its creations; how do you know if you have more spirit in your body; is there a difference between the attunements done by some for 4D and 5D, and the 8D to which the earth is going to ascend; will those attunements help in 8D; can being startled cause your spirit to be in you improperly; what a ship cloud looks like; has the Galactic Federation let us down; do we really have free will and free choice down here; who let the reincarnation come down here; what energy do the aliens live on; is there a difference between happiness and sadness to them; are healers using loud noises party to stealing your spirit; what are we; are we turned off and on; why are some of the doctors appearing as dolphins; do the energies through the show come into your house; can a darkness being go into the light; do fallen angels have a choice to come back into the light.

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