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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, mental body clearings performed; entities cleared; energies at age 10 or 12 released from an injury; release of planets cording your body; mind to heart drop performed.

Topics discussed:

Jesus, the creationlightship, source energy, your spirit, your ancestors, consciousness, light of the darkness, free choice; who chooses what free choice we can have; can you leave here if you are not wholly spirit; why do ghosts come forth to you; how do drugs and alcohol affect you; parrallel life times, deja vu, dreams; the movies Avatar, the Terminator discussed; Jesus of the darkness; how can the lightship rid a family of illnesses; should you talk to your spirit when you are uncertain which clearing to have next; if you have a problem does this attract entities; what do entities want from you; what does the darkness want from you; darkside planets; the bringing in of darkness; mind energy and the darkness; tuning into the light; does the light promote itself; do you already have light inside you; if you have a child going to school and facing indoctrination, cording of energies; how the darkside uses symbols, numbers and letters to know you; if you hear something 3 times are you being programmed; is your spirit a conduit for healings; can the darkness heal you; if people with near death experiences would they be gone if they went to the light; would Jesus have come here if our spirits were strong enough to clear darkness 2,000 years ago; spirits and the integration of spirit inot your body, the clearing of darkness first; spirit guides - what can they be;

Website discussed:

7 generational clearings; body rejuvenation; parrallel life times; entities.


Four in one clearing, darkside practitioner clearing; natal barcode clearing; aura protection clearing.

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