BBS Radio Show January 31, 2009

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Healings and Releases:

Light beings completed the mind to heart drop for listeners. Samples of the January to December ascension frequencies channelled. Sample Galactic Federation mind control clearing including peace energy; victim body clearing; mind to heart and spirit to heart interface body clearing; frustration clearing for being manipulated; earth cording disconnect completed. Sample mind control for your parallel darkside life times; bone marrow infusion clearing; mind of the body sample clearing; mother and father imprinting clearing;alien implant removal clearing;

Creation lightship - Will not work on the archives:

A trip to the creationlightship for physical healings.

Rooms: Orientation, hottub, pain release, bees, dolphins, Ron's special lightship.

Return back through the white light tunnel.

Topics discussed:

How darkside predictions control us; how the Galactic Federation allows mind control; the duality of the dark never puts you into the true light; in the false white tunnel and you see your friends and family they are usually stuck here too; don't go outside of yourself; heart spirit interface body clearing; don't speak on behalf of the light as you will become a target; people who meditate and put out an earth cording to the earth is taking energy from the earth; mind of the body explained to not be the mind in your brain; once you get a program it is active and running; pets will probably have no trouble ascending.

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