BBS Radio Show January 6, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, pain and trauma body clearing; mind to heart drop performed; lightship brings in energy to warm your body; maggots energy released; life force energy practice performed; darkness to light clearing; body energy brought back into the body; clearing from parrallel lifetimes; peace energy brought through.

Topics discussed:

Cellular memory and spirit infusion; do healings continue on beyond the now; does the source energy watch you on an ongoing basis; do god energies watch you; friends and the emotional densities they carry; psychic attacks and a person's story line; can you be held in a story line by the thoughts of others; what clearings you need to have taken off to ascend; darkside practitioners, accessing energy pools and life force energy; what is your life force energy; what is your aura; can the darkness be brought into the light at ascension; can a doctor pass on an illness from one patent to another; can this transference happen over the phone; movies 'Avatar', '9', 'They live', 'The Mist', 'Dark city' discussed; what color is your spirit energy always; can command your spirit to bring energy to you, command your body, command you are here now; what the lightship does to get back your lifeforce and spirit returned; praying outside yourself and why you should not.

Website discussed:

Self empowerment, abduction barcode; ascension barcode; spirit barcode; planetary barcode.

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