BBS Radio Show January 8, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Entities released; maggots and jellyfish energy released; emotional and extreme anxiety body clearings performed; tetinus shot made compatible to body; 10 parrallel life times - cloned earths, cloned bodies; out of parrallel lives in 1930; removal of lack of money implants; mind of the body clearing performed; darkness to light clearing.

Topics discussed:

What is spirit infusion; ascension, heart and mind energy; darkness and time; planets and alien energies; chanting, life force and energy pools; can the light be channelled through anyone; are moments a new creation; why do thoughts control your reality; what are premonitions and why do premonitions turn out wrong; human consciousness and how it changes reality; if you or if aliens read darkside scripts are you being controlled; why do only some people profit from 'mental intent'; alien implants and codings; do planets try to control you; parrallel life times; how do you get your spirit back out of cloned bodies; what do the light beings do to find parts of your body in the universe; deathbarcodes and natal chart clearings; what are chills and tingles when you experience a healing.

Website discussed:

Darkside practitioner clearing; self empowerment clearing; seven generations clearings generally discussed; alien death barcode clearings.

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