BBS Radio Show July 10, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and Energies:

Emotional; feeling; pain; sensory bodies; Mind to Heart Drop; peace energy; Up to the Creation Lightship (won't work on the archives); parallel life time clearing; psychic attack at work; email attack clearing; chakra alignment and opening; letters in the word 'wedding'; clear white snake in the left knee for caller; waste products right knee; issue for caller 1,200 years ago clearing for knees; cold weather energy; entity with broken legs removed both knees; orbs; Mind to Heart drop; cording disconnect between you and other people (six chakras front and back) and return of your energy; alien energy in teeth removed; pain body energy released from inflamed mouth; peace energy; light beings activated.

Creation Lightship:

Senses; golden whales; ray energy; bumble bees; silver water room; charging of water with silver energy; butterfly energy; golden swordfish; oxygen # 57; alien lifeforms - orb, jellyfish energies in the quarantine room; hedgehogs energy; rainbow waterfall room; penguins room; swans room.

Topics Discussed:

Psychic billboards and how they function; dreams; relationship between aliens and our crown chakra; orbs and their danger; alien imprinting of letters and words.

Website Clearings Discussed:

Free Orb Clearings, Psychic Billboard Clearing; Alien Blood Barcode Clearing; Chakra Clearing; Spirit barcode; Natal Barcode Clearing; New Overwhelmed Clearing; Self empowerment. BBS shows to listen to at the top of the front page.

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