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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, trauma, fear and anger body clearing; negativity for flood cleared; emotional stability; anxiety for animals and pets; clearing to make the food before you and your body compatible; clear of mind control -'the way, the truth and the life' 'Jesus is the saviour' , 'Jesus Christ!','Christ on a crutch', 'Jesus is lord', 'god bless you','the devil made me do it','hell's bells', 'lord have mercy','be a good christian' 'God damn it','what would Jesus do','Hail Mary',' by the blood of Jesus,'what the hell', 'Jesus loves you','Jesus Mary and Joseph','Jesus take the wheel','in god we trust', 'god is my co pilot', 'divine right order','thy will be done','praise the lord'; hands above head - octopus and jelly fish energy released; peace energy for family of lost family member; clear - 'if the ground shakes everyone look up'.

Topics discussed:

Radiation; use of terms by aliens to convey energy; ascension; if offended by any of the terms Ron has cleared - do we need to clear further; earth's blueprint; can Ron help you if you had chemo before.

Website discussed:

Object charging; deceased loved one clearing; self empowerment clearing; natal clearing - words; religious clearing; spirit barcode clearing.

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