BBS Radio Show July 28, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and Energies:

Emotional, feeling, mental, pain body clearings; entities; central nervous system alignment; chakra alignment of ankles, feet and toes; Spirit out and in realignment; rejection.

Topics Discussed:

Should you re-do the Billboard clearing for the same issue; who controls the seventh chakra; 2012; manifesting money using the Billboard Clearing; the Darkside script, the increase in clones walking around; who gave us the psychic billboard; is money a Darkside tool; alien races and the Church; speaking in tongues; orbs; Avatar the movie an example of mind control; aliens and mind control; judgments; the effects of living for 10's of 1000's of years without a spirit; how to align your spirit yourself; how long it may take for your body to adjust after a clearing or healing; the effect of a yoga nidra on your body and spirit; how we are affected by thoughts from another person; can we ask the Light Beings to clear what we need clearing; free will; how the Darkness works with time; the present moment and manifestations; can we find our spirit in parallel universes; the cloned earth.

Website Clearings Discussed:

Psychic Billboard Clearing; Crown Chakra Disconnect Clearing; Being Overwhelmed Clearing; Self Empowerment Clearing; Seven Generational Clearings; Parallel Lives Clearings; Earth with Cloned Bodies, Darkside Planets clearing. darkness To Light.

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