BBS Radio Show June 23, 2010

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Spaceholders brought in to bring you up to 100% spirit in the body.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional trauma, feeling, pain body release; heart to mind drop performed; light being energised; orb, jellyfish energies released; implant removals where you feel pin pricks; billboard clearing; spirit energy brought into the body of listeners up to 100%;

Topics dicussed:

Where trauma comes from; what the orb energies are; how the skin auric field relates to orbs; how skin injuries bring in orb energies; how important the emotional clearing is to your life; who produced your blue print; how the darkside can make you hear different things not said in the show; discussed alien life forces competing for you like a fish in a pond; discussed the relationship between the natal chart and the planets; how your psychic billboard cords you to other people and how it affects your life; explained what space holders are; explained how aliens that get clearings around you when you get healings are sending these healings back to their race; how darkness can come into the light; discussed the energies in you that gets released from you; discussed commanding your spirit to find parts leaving you in trauma; discussed entities moving into you; discussed shadow bodies and cloning of you; how time lines get mixed up by alien races; how the life force energy affirmation helps you (also aliens listening); how pinching and tapping yourself helps you;

Website discussed:

Emotional body clearing; Self empowerment

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