BBS Radio Show June 25, 2010

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Sample Clearings; Healings and Energies:

Emotional; feeling; pain; chakra alignment for pets; chakra alignment for humans; red life force energy; pink life force energy; parallel lifetime clearing; Be Here Now; Peace energy; Mind to Heart drop.

Topics Discussed:

Orbs and how they come into you; how we attract Darkside entities who want to come into the Light; aliens using the web site; dream of a caller's dream and bleed through from a number of parallel life times; time lines; orbs and surgery; how aliens control you through time; your DNA and hybrids; the command 'Be Here Now' protecting us against alien attack; duality; not looking outside yourself; healings in relation to the amount of your spirit within you; importance of the emotional clearing; free choice; what happens if you bring in energies that are outside yourself; there is nothing you have except the power of your spirit; Jesus; predictions and the Light; how to increase the effects of archive clearings; how to protect you from negative energies from other; parts of us that are clones; stuff done to us when our time is turned off; implants preventing us from realizing how bad off we are here.

Website Clearing Discussed:

Alien Attack Parasite Removal; Darkness to Light; Free Clearings; Self empowerment


Randy described orb clearings on Sunday healing sessions in relation to a recent surgery.

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