BBS Radio Show March 11, 2009

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Healings and Releases:

Entity release clearing; spirit brought back in; mind to heart drop; emotional,sensory and empathic body clearing samples done.

Topics discussed:

Hypnosis is 'going into the past' and is the product of mind energy; ETs use hypnosis; rather - go to your spirit; vaccinations - prefer water activiation from the lightship; emotional clearing explained; centrefuge room explained on the lightship; your healing is a function of the judgment you carry including the judgment of your ancestors; judgments stored before conception are passed on; your body brings forward issues to get resolved and healed; your spirit is trying to help your body heal; the body wants to live forever; not all aliens are bad but you don't know which are good; mind energy leads to the writing of books; aliens are not coming down here to remove lifeforms within you; we are probably abductions every six months; how do you have forced reincarnation and a natal chart and not be 'control'; this place is a prison planet; body temperature after a clearing may increase with more life force energy; dropping down into the heart allows you to do spirit to spirit manifestations; the darkside copied the light but used the mind to effect manifestations etc; in the moment gives you all the choices; 'divine order' is mind control; when the clearings are done the CLS gives the beings a chance to come into the light; if they were left to continue they would attempt to take the light; you see things in others because you have it in you - otherwise you would not see it.

Website discussed:

Alien attacks and abductions removal.


Chris detailed the effect of the conference calls. Once the clearings are done, the subsequent clearings on the CLS are very intense.

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