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Healings and Releases:

Full body entity release; spirit brought back in; entities with you 10,000 BC released; mother and father (living or not - program) imprinting sample removal; emotional,mental,feeling, sensory, pain, trauma body clearings.

Topics discussed:

The emotional bodies of people that have passed are spirit too but they are not linked up to the divine source as you are; spirit leaves if you take drugs, get emotional upset and other things; 'Protect your body temple'; Do you love your spirit and do you love your body?; People who have visitations are having something done to them against their free will; this life on earth is a darkside life experience; when you are living in time energy through the memories of your ancestors you are living in time energy and the mind; when you judge creation you are separating yourself from spiritual truth of known judgment; we know how to manifest it is the same process as darkside which copied the light, but you do it from the heart; the more you are awakened to your spirit the more your spirit can integrate with your cells; you should be spirit walking in your body; divine energy walking with you as you; when you were born it is with you; a healing can work for someone even if they have never heard of the lightship; to avoid someone who psychically attacking you use the 'I now increase my lifeforce energy' command; to get out of here you need 'the spirit barcode release' (if you have had more than one life time); the body is a spirit creation.

Creation lightship: (will not work in the archives)

Rooms: Waterfall, pain release; mouth checked and digestive tract; dolphins; magnet room; tree; orange.

Website discussed:

Abduction removal; Mind barcode; Spirit barcode


John - Elemental connection being made to John. Animation of elements (eg clouds.)

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