BBS Radio Show March 17, 2010

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Grt. grt. grt. etc. grandparents – females then males; headache pain clearing (Ron got a headache from the previous clearing!); parallel lifetimes; chakra repositioning and opening; spirit out and back in us; entity removal from heart area; turned of our DNA for 5 seconds. Both male and female light being energies brought through computer screen image;12 source energies brought through CLS Insignia.

Topics discussed:

Generational emotional body hopping; race hatred; female light being on computer screen activated; male light being activated; ascension bar code explanation; spirit bar code; matrix bar code; mother/father and sibling cording transmissions; on and off-planet lifetimes; how the past lives on in us; the earth spirit; why Jesus was male; why clear deceased loved ones; 7 generational clearing; role of our DNA; Uncle Fred and his fishing buddies with him into our bodies; ascension bar code and why it’s unlimited on web site; 2012; name and 2012 on natal clearing; manifesting with our hearts; bodies without DNA; taking out the Galactic Federation; global warming; ascension and parallel lives; spiritual blueprint and DNA storage.

Earth spirit is in control of 11% in what we will call for simplicity sake, its Auric Field.

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