BBS Radio Show May 2, 2009

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Saturday night on the lightship.



Received a sample of earth bound self sabotaging and food addiction entities clearing. The light being was energised for 30 minutes.

Topics discussed:

Why there is reincarnation; the importance of your own divinity; that pain draws entities to you; what entities do to sabotage you; what they need from you; that judgment inside your head could be an entity, your DNA or a voice of your ancestors; your spirit will not speak to you unless you ask from inside your heart; you will not have guidance given to you from outside because the lightship will not interfere with your free will; channellers are not channelling what they say they are; how entities with an addiction may affect you; that spirit will not force you to do something, you should ask; how compulsions tie into the wishes of entities sometimes to the detriment of the body; whose responsibility it is to connect to spirit; what mind energy is; how the whole life time entity clearing and single time entity clearing differ; that entities body hop through generations; that going outside yourself is the same as being connected to the darkness; that focusing on yourself and not others is your responsibility; that being kept off the conference call is the work of entities; that waking up not right is a sign of abduction and how the alien attack page will help you; that light beings very rarely appear in your room because you are already connected; how parasites affect the way you behave; the presence of alien ships in flat bottom clouds; the change in colour of the sky; the importance of dropping into your heart; what body jerking or pins and needles mean when they occur at night.

Creation lightship:

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Visits to the hottub, pain release; dolphin energy; the large bees where nectar is provided; female lightbeings to massage the neck area; amethsyst healing; dogs healing and orientation rooms.

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