BBS Radio Show May 26, 2010

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Sample Clearings, Healings and releases:

Stress; trauma; emotional, feeling and pain bodies; clearing of pain age 3 to 5; Mind to Heart drop; a hoped for event; crown chakra closed (will last about 15 minutes); earth entities; spirit infusion; shape shifter; 8D Earth energies brought forward; energy of the earth as it was intended before being corrupted by the dark side energy; stomach clearing possibly from alien food energy from shape shifters; peace energy.

Topics discussed:

Why you should close the crown chakra; how your body stops the amount of spirit coming back in; what DNA from others brings in; why we should honor our bodies; how consciousness affects your body; how often our bodies are under attack; psychics and their readings; the Mind of the Body; how your spirit may guide you; how entities may interfere in communications with you + how and why they come into you; shape shifters; the struggle of our physical bodies living here; how the religious practices of others affect you; why one healing won't fix you; believing we should suffer in order to grow; the plans of the earth spirit; the relationship between the earth's spirit progress and ourselves.

Website discussed:

The difference between unlimited and Whole Life clearings; Matrix Cording Removal- Media/News/Event Trauma Removal; Alien Attack Removal - Parasitic Life Form Clearing. Darkness To Light.

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