BBS Radio Show May 8, 2009

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Earth bound entities were cleared from the body and spirit was returned to the body. Parental imprinting, emotional body last five days and ages 30 to 35 years were cleared, century clearing 200 BC to 0 AD for all six chakras were cleared, feeling body ages one, two and three were cleared; superiority/ ego and self esteem clearings were completed; the anxiety body was completed; parrallel lives and past parrallel lives clearing at 10,000 BC; mind of the body sample clearing for the first five months of the age of 10; mental body and sensory body sample clearings and mental cellular clearing sample clearings and six chakra clearings at age 10 were performed; trauma body at age 20 to 21 clearing of the six chakras and sexual abuse clearing from 1,200 to 1,300 AD was performed.

Peace energy was brought through the light being from the creation lightship.

Topics discussed:

Why we have emotional bodies; why emotional bodies continue on after the body dies; what that does to our earthly environment; what that does to our healing processes; why the emotional body is so important to be cleared; that our spirits and other divine forces called upon do not have the 'horsepower' to cleanse our bodies; what the master four-in-one clearing will do; where your twin flame is; how cellular memory damages our bodies; how many entity emotional bodies you could be carrying; past lives, seven generations and centuries clearings explained; how healings help you even if you don't feel the healing; that off planet lives can bring forward ailments through your spirit; why you need to have the parrallel life time and abduction barcodes removed; what the mind of the body clearing does; how planetary clearings may remove jellyfish energies; Mother Theresa has reincarnated; why a spirit clearing is necessary even if a body is cleared; the only thing the darkside cannot clear and heal.

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