BBS Radio Show November 23, 2007

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Water charging and experiencing oxygens and energies of the creation lightship.


Earthly entities were progressively cleared from all parts of the body. A mind to heart drop was performed. The emotional body received a five year sample clearing. A reallignment of the six main chakras and cord cutting of the six main chakras front and back was performed. A balancing of the left and right side of the brain was performed.

Water was charged with the elements you need most now. For the healing of sinus and colds oxygens four, seven, nine , 12 and 18 were brought through from the creation lightship. The twelve divine source energies, the defence ships light energy and ascension energy was brought through.

Topics discussed:

Why connecting to your heart allows you to connect to your spirit; how and why you command your spirit back into your body; directing your spirit to specific parts of your body; where your body came from; why the earth spirit will undertake the ascension process; why you need to cleanse your body of entities and densities; what is a cording and why you should constantly do cord cuttings; how you should manage cords from a loved one; who betrayed Jesus; what you should understand about predictions of when the ascension will take place; what is the most important clearing,why and what effect it will have on you and entities that currently affect you; how absentee healing for a loved one works; why the absentee does not need to give permission; that the creation lightship will make people more aware through their senses from now on; that the archives of radio shows will continue to allow the experience of healing energies and clearings but a recording of a show will not.

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