BBS Radio Show November 3, 2010

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Time lines crashing every 20 to 30 minutes now.

Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Emotional, feeling, trauma, stress bodies cleared; self sabotage clearing performed; emotional and physical pain released; remove tension and 'C' clamps placed on the head, on the hinges of the jaw, on the teeth ; circulatory clearing; mind to heart drop performed; heartache clearing; infinite sadness clearing performed; peace energy brought through; octopus and jellyfish energies including carcuses and waste products released; body system rejuvenation - thyroids; sensory body clearing performed; exercise of fingers alligned before the face cause you to be in the moment - to bring you into the present moment; peace energy brought through.

Topics discussed:

How do you make your spirit integrate with every cell of your body; octurians discussed; octopus energies released from lungs; Kirlian photography and alien parasites, can they be seen; clouds and time lines clashing; if you have dead eyes, are you here and do you at that time have a cloned body.

Website discussed:

Circulatory system clearing; alien attack removals; body system rejuvenation; parrallel life time clearing.


A caller was hurt (a fracture) during a conference call and they were healed.

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