BBS Radio Show November 30, 2007

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'What they don't want you to know'. Special entity clearing show.

Healings and Releases:

Earth based entities were released progressively up the body. Your spirit is instanteously brought back to replace the void. All six body chakras were alligned and openned. A Heart drop was performed.

The Light being image at is energised - eyes brighter; light around the forehead changes color and the image becomes three dimensional.

Sample clearing of octopus, squid, jellyfish, black widow, poison dart; scorpion, scarab, energetic worm, maggot and ant energies. Implants removed from the neck and spine.

The 12 creation energies were brought through.

Topics discussed:

That earth bound entities can bring in to your body their conditions when on earth; that New Age teachings are of the mind and therefore darkside teachings; that planetary energies can cord you to take away your life force energy; poses that any teaching that predicts is a darkside teaching; that the galactic federation has failed to retain 100% light; that octopus energies are a poison energy that goes to the joints and causes pain; the lightship does not work with the off planet energies directly - Ron can whilst down here; squid energies cause chronic fatigue and other serious illnesses; many energies come within your cells; octopus, squid and jellyfish energies work within fluids and circulatory systems; black widow and poison dart energies are dark magic energies; discomforts at one place that move to another place in the body may be worm energies; convulsions and yarns can occur during releases; 'warning' - do not go on the internet to look up this information because energies are waiting to connect to them; anything less than 100% will destroy the light; maggots reside in your head; soulless beings and CLS entities not holding 100% light may seek your life force energy; your spirit is all that there is that can ever help you; these lifeforms may have been with you for thousands of years in your genetics; ant energy can give you a skin irritation; Ron has to be able to see the lifeform to take it out; there is nothing more powerful than what you have within you - go inside, do not pray outwardly and you will regain your spiritual integrity.

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