BBS Radio Show November 5, 2011

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Timeline crash - communication (BBS); plants and computers decloned [live show only]; eyes decloned; energetic slime coat removed - hands; energetic web coat - back; mental body clearing; grid line clearing; codes system of Jewish people - money making; arthritis clearing; maggots released; octopus energy; catepillars; critter removed from neck; African soldiers brought through then released.

Creationlightship:not for the archives

Ron takes live listeners to the lightship for healings.

Topics discussed:

Mind control - why this group is receptive to Ron's message; current protests around the world - what is causing this;earth spirit - what is Ron's primary mission; can ascension time be subject to other planets in the light; at ascension - how will we know we are with the true light; living in the moment; is your body spirit too; Trifold - violet flame; betrayal clearing and you spirit; Zion and alien races; John of god - use of dead doctors, being hooked up; limits to how long sample archive clearings will work; wars continuing underground; summer special -; are we part of the military fighting.

Website discussed:

Natal barcode; alien all lifetime removal; energetic slime coat removed; energetic web coat; betrayal clearing.

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