BBS Radio Show October 10, 2008

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Extra terrestrial parasite releases.

Healings and Releases:

Black widow, maggot, scorpion, octopus, jellyfish, mosquito, tick, squid, worms, snake, centipede and spiked ball like sample clearings were completed.

An exercise to increase our life force energy was completed.

Topics Discussed:

That ET energies affect us in the form of invisible energies and through mind control; any insect or reptile that bites are energies brought down; what the worst energy is; what octopus energy causes physicals conditions otherwise unexplainable; how the energies released tonight are sourced from mass consciousness; the effects of ETs urinating into your body; how energies released will be terminated; how the removal of maggots makes you think clearer; scorpion energy affects lungs; how octopus usually attach to your organs and affect your mobility and movement - suction cups attach to the organs; how snakes burrow tunnels in you; how snakes cause bloatedness in the stomach; how the purchase of objects can connect you up to an alien race; why you should not go to UFO conventions; how our bodies are merely a host for all these energetic bodies; that viruses etc were not part of the body and therefore likely to be ET energies; that fruit flies and bats are not energies that come into our bodies; that you need to command your spirit back into your body once a release is done; why you should avoid going to the astral planes or do guided meditations; why reiki energy is not what it seems; why you should not do earthly healings.

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