BBS Radio Show October 14, 2011

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Sample clearings, healings and energies:

Be here now clearing; robotics clearing - knees and hips; hips redone.

Creationlightship: not for the archives

Birthday party.

Topics discussed:

The mission of the creationlightship and Ron explained; can your spirit, body or spirit and body ascend; the light of the sun, color of sky - chem trails;aliens - what do they look like; are the ones you see the ones that get you; entities and clones; physical changes; if you notice changes in your body what should you do; do you need to do the spirit barcode clearing more than once; how do clones and clone factories work; clones and bright blue eyes; are they taking us in and out of reality daily; experimentation; robotics - how they affect your body; if you do not see consecutive numbers are you in their control; should you redo or do more the death barcode clearing; timelines discussed; should you touch your purchase before you buy to feel what it is giving you; why does Ron count to clear timelines; during the show and in listening to archives, do you have a lot of energy around you; why the darkness to light clearings and others were removed; how many thoughts you have in the day - judgment; are robotics put on dogs.

Website discussed:

Spirit barcode clearing; death barcode; grey sky clearing; space clearing.

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