BBS Radio Show September 3, 2008

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Healings and Releases:

Cording from someone to you and from you to someone in a previous relationship was cleared for the last five days - each of the six main chakras of the body; demixing the second and fourth chakra energies; demixing third and fifth chakra energies; sensory body clearing; mind control energy clearing / EMF energy clearing; 10 parrallel life and planetary clearings were performed.

A mind to heart drop was performed to make people heart centered.

Topics discussed:

Explained the focus of the show is on the invisible bodies that filter energies coming to us; the effects of mental physic attacks and these bodies; what judgment is; how these bodies fill up and effect our physical health; how the clearings done are in the moment and do not cover the future; other races may do healings but there is nothing higher than you and the CLS; how healings go through Ron back to the lightship; how somethings overflow into the body and may kill you; how cordings do not let you defocus a person from your mind; how mind energy works with your personality (ego); how powerful the mind is; how it convinces itself as god energy; how the darkside created all these energies confronting you; how the mind is like death energy as it does not have love; what is meant by love comes walking in; if you cord someone they are in your room; how the physical body wanting a healing will bring up issues for a healing to occur ie you do not experience karma as such; that the heart has a mind; how a baby has crystal clear eyes because they are yet to learn judgment; how new age metaphysic's idea of you having the thought will manifest things is in fact your body trying to heal; why you should be trying to get out of your soul family agreements; what a sensory boidy does; how the sensory body cam get overloaded; that your spirt goes off into parrallel lifes because there is a body there; how injuries that do not heal are examples of energy not being with you and how you are in 1,000s of parralle lifes.

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