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Sometimes you can see hidden information in our literature:

Word(s) Hidden Message(s) Etc
cls CLear Screen
Creation LightShip
the creation lightship comes every 2000 years and clears its creations of darnkess; by the way, cls is a DOS command to clear the screen (DOS operating system)
cls (see) l(ight) s(hip) As stated to the left.
date ExTraterrestrial ADvertising (its backwards) date 2012 (extraterrestrial advertising a date in the future, but the light only works in the now)
devil lived (its backwards) the devil (darkside) has lived (lives) amongst us, so don't be misguided
evil live (its backwards) evil (darkside) does live amongst us, so don't be misguided
god dog (its backwards) n/a
love EVOlution through the Lightship (its backwards)
EVOlving Lightship (its backwards)
EVOlve through the Lightship (its backwards)
ron amitron ron am it ron ron amitron is ron amitron, you are yourself and no one else, each spirit is unique and different
Soul Source Out of Universe of Lies (darkside)
Source Out of Universe of Light (love and light)
Spirit Source Provides Inside Real Inner Truth n/a
star rats (its backwards) rats, i thought the stars in the sky were real, but they aren't!
Great White Brotherhood Grrrr I Eat You! Brought here by the aliens! The aliens do eat humans and they also brought us to this planet!

Did they bring us here to eat us?! (human farm)

Guru You Are You You are yourself and no one else. Everyone is unique.
bad bad ==> reorganize letters to
abd = abduction
Abductions are bad!
pillow (a) pill (that) lowers (ur consciousness) As stated to the left
hello hell o(h i just corded u!) As stated to the left
menopause men o(h) pause (b/c im mad as hell right now) As stated to the left
facebook face (the) book (of control) As stated to the left
heart hea(r) r(ight) t(ruth) As stated to the left
fart far t(o avoid smell) As stated to the left
reptile rep(eated) tile(s or scales on a reptiles skin) As stated to the left
parasite p(eople) ar(e) a(bducted on) site (were u are or a website!) As stated to the left
sleep sl(av)e (h)e(l)p(less) When you sleep your helpless and open to attacks!
purple P(eople) (Yo)ur P(eo)ple! RON AMITRON and LADY NADA both had BLUE EYES and BLONDE HAIR and BOTH WEAR WHITE SHIRTS (with either pink or blue)! When you mix pink and blue you get a purplish color! And purple was the color of Saint Germain and he was supposedly seen on Mount Shasta, where Ron Amitron lives! Also, people you are people (you want to remove entities and aliens and other energies from yourself using the clearings so you can be who you are!)
poop p(eople) o(n) o(ur) p(lanet) Mind energy might be from the alien dung/poop pile, and we cannot stop the poopy thinking so its all just a big load of poop.
email e(xtraterrestrial tracking) mail As stated to the left.
pm p(ee on that stupid clock) m(an!) Time was created by the aliens, so pee on their time device!
 ?  ? = Hook (Pirate's Hook) Aliens have you hooked up in questions! But you should have the answers instantly from your spirit! What a joke this planet is!
 !  ! = Sword / Lightsaber Aliens have you causing energy burst in your statements causing you to get ready to fight!
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