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According to Ron's info given on his January 16, 2010 show, the Earth Spirit has been in our planet for approximately 1.2 million years (1,200,000 million years).


Previous Ascensions

  • During the ascension around 2000 years ago when Jesus was on the planet, since the Earth Spirit chose not to ascend (in order to give the people who did not ascend another chance to ascend during the next 2000 year ascension), the people who did ascend went to their home-base (according to the webmaster's conversation with Ron on May 20, 2010).



When Jesus was on this planet around 2000 years ago, the stars in the sky where real. However, the fake darkside generated stars came in around the middle 1800s. This information is from the webmaster's conversation with Ron on May 20, 2010. More info here and here.

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