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Darkside practitioner - we intentionally refrain from sourcing any content

A darkside practitioner is not a term used to describe what one may judge to be evil. It is used to describe any living person channeling clearings, energies, healings, hexes, curses and so forth that are not of the Light and not energies sourced from their divine spirit or the creation energy from which we are made.

Practitioners use techniques that enable the body to bring through energy sourced beyond or outside itself. Many open their crown chakras in the belief non-harmful energy will be accessed. The body's energy system is then breached and violated.

Associated belief systems held by the practitioner ensure further violations by imprinting mental allegiance to perceived beings and entrenching a sense of self-lack within themselves. Driven by mind energy the practitioners actively seek connection with these energies' knowledge which are in turn passed on by sage and seer. As a consequence misperceptions of the universe and the diverse range and powers of entities that fill it are manifest.

Many practitioners personally fall prey to energies capable of linking back from a mere thought to the sentient being itself. Practitioners often become invisibly enmeshed or corded over time to the full extent of their physical presence. Symptoms include discomfort, prickliness, heat, pain, pressure, tiredness, sickness and often disease, all contrary to the practitioner's intent for well being. Many die relatively young.

Beings that encounter or enter the practitioner's consciousness can also be prone to cording by the association. In this way they inadvertently spread this energy's penetration throughout our earthly existence.

Once the intelligence driven energies establish within the being they show unerring persistence, stealth and a selfish intent to expunge energy regardless of the practitioner's well being.

The creation lightship

The creationlightship is here to help you. The lightship has no reason to promote itself. Like you it is made purely from creation energy. We encourage in your deliberations to consult not your mind but your heart for guidance from your spirit.

If you decide you want to know more or you need help we kindly recommend you go to the archives and listen to Ron's explanation. We recommend for this topic you listen to:

[eg ASK1 December 29, 2007 - 4 minutes in] | [eg BBS January 9, 2007 - 21 minutes in]

If this makes some sense to you, listen to the many shows available there or catch Ron's live shows each week through BBS and ASK1 radio. We provide a summary for all the shows recorded on wiki.

These are available through

For practitioners and those close by, there are somethings you know require not to appear in any book. As many of you can sense energies, you may be fortunate to feel the extreme cleanliness of the healing energies Ron brings forth from the creation lightship.

As always the choice to listen will always be yours. Your freewill is tantamount. It you decide to go on your way, we offer you our blessings just because of who you are. You are always welcome to call again. Blessings to you.

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